Brick & Steel Fencing

A custom brick fence can be built in many different styles. If you are not sure of your options, we can advise on styles that might suit your specific property when you arrange a consultation.

There are lots of options.

A brick wall can be a face brick fence, a coloured rendered fence or either of these with a feature insert in a modern or traditional style.

If the design entails an insert between brick pillars, the insert can be aluminium, steel, wrought iron or timber in various configurations. Metal inserts can be pickets, spears, fins or slats.

We are registered builders for brick fencing from the foundations up. We can organize permits and plans and manage the project through to the finishing details. Once we understand what you want, you can relax as we undetake the planning, organizing and construction.

Whatever design you ultimately choose, our builders are fully qualified to construct a quality fence that will enhance your property and provide security for many years to come.

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Brick & Steel Fencing Brick & Steel Fencing

Brick & Steel Fencing Brick & Steel Fencing

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