Pool Fencing

We supply and install safety barriers for every type of swimming area. Current legislation makes swimming pool fences compulsory, so responsible home owners must install a quality safety fence and gate. As a professional pool fencing company we provide quality glass, steel or aluminium solutions to ensure child safety and recreation area protection. Our glass, steel and aluminium fences are made locally to meet stringent Australian Standards AS1926 and AS2820. Every pool fence offers maximum visual appeal and strength. We can combine steel or aluminium fences with glass, for a strong and attractive fence without obstructing the view.

5 Reasons for Protecting Your Swimming Area

  1. To ensure safety
  2. Compliance with Government regulations
  3. Child and pet protection
  4. Improving the aesthetics of an outdoor area
  5. Adding value to the property

There are several style choices in pool fencing, including a looped top, flat top and other designs. Many popular varieties of steel or aluminium fencing are suitable for a pool fence, as long as they are made to the minimum safety compliance regulation height of 1200mm. With a large range of colours and styles, there is a recreation area fence to suit all landscapes and surrounds.

Pool Gate Features

  • Child safety locks
  • Auto close feature
  • Magnetic latches

Steel Pool Fencing & Gates

Steel pool fencing is made from galvanised steel, ensuring it is the strongest possible type of safety barrier for your recreation area. Steel barrier solutions have anticorrosive properties and can be made to any shape or size to suit the individual application.

Aluminium Pool Fencing & Gates

Aluminium pool fencing is a very cost effective, lightweight solution, useful in a variety of applications. As an economical alternative to steel, aluminium pool fencing is often used in residential applications.

Glass Pool Fencing & Gates

Glass pool fencing is an attractive alternative to steel barriers, offering greater visibility of protected areas. Choices include framed glass swimming area boundaries, semi frameless glass or even frameless glass solutions that are elegant and functional.

Temporary Pool Fencing

Whenever a pool is installed and filled, a barrier around the area is required by law to ensure safety. We can provide temporary pool fencing at a heavily discounted rate for our customers, who may need to fill their pool before work on the property is finished.

Attractive Glass Pool Fencing & Gates

A modern alternative to steel, glass pool fencing and gates add a contemporary look to any outdoor area. Atlas Rodek can offer a wide range of trims and fittings to ensure your pool area is stylish, yet safe and secure. This option offers greater visibility, making it easy to supervise children at all times.

Our glass pool fencing and gates are available in:

  • Framed
  • Frameless (in-ground installation available)
  • Semi-frameless
  • Toughened or Laminated glass
  • Powder-coated colour options
  • Stainless steel or aluminium posts
  • Stainless spigots

Glass can be cut to your specific requirements and can be installed in-ground, on paving, decking or concrete. Our spigots are made from quality grade stainless steel, machined to provide long-lasting integrity.

With the option to mix toughened and laminated arrangements and designs, Altas Rodek offers a truly customised solution.

Made to Australian Safety Standards

All of our glass and gates are manufactured to adhere to Australian standard AS1926 and AS2820 and pool compliance regulations. Our products are made to council regulations and our team are trained and familiar with their requirements.

Value-Adding Benefits

This style of fencing has many benefits for the home owner including:

  • Aesthetic appearance
  • Adds value to your property
  • Made to Australian standards
  • Visibility
  • Enhances safety

Accurate Installation

Your exterior will be installed by our team of highly skilled professionals. The outdoor area will be measured and designed to meet your specific requirements. Our team takes the time and effort to get the job completed properly, using only the highest quality materials.

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Pool Fencing Pool Fencing

Pool Fencing Pool Fencing

Pool Fencing Pool Fencing

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