Chainmesh Fencing

Atlas Rodek Fencing provides quality security fencing in either tubular steel or chainmesh fencing, also known as cyclone-wire, chain link or chainmesh fencing. Generally constructed of steel and wire, this solution is tough, economical and see-through in appearance due to its mesh-like diamonds.

Chainmesh or cyclone wire fencing is ideal for:

  • Park boundaries
  • School security gates and perimeters
  • Factory barriers
  • Commercial perimeters
  • Industrial barriers
  • Security fences
  • Pet and animal barriers
  • Farm boundaries
  • Tennis court or sporting area perimeters
  • Storage cages

Chainmesh Options

Chainmesh or cyclone wire fencing is typically available in black or galvanized and occasionally in green. These types of perimeter solutions, as well as automatic gates, are often installed at factories, commercial premises, storage yards and schools.

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Security Applications

Chainmesh or cyclone wire fencing is ideal for use as security perimeter, due to its strong, durable nature and its ability to be combined with barbed wire. Available in stylish tubular steel, rod top or pressed spear or weldmesh, it is. often used as a security precaution around industrial premises.

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Chainmesh with rails Chainmesh with rails

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