Perimeter Fencing

Atlas Rodek Fences provides school fencing and gates to enhance any school, providing security and safety to all students. Our perimeter fences and security barriers create an attractive first impression and are practical and functional.

Tubular steel, chainmesh or Colorbond Fencing are used for this type of application. With a range of colours available, our school fences will enhance the appearance of any property. No school fencing job is too big or too small for Atlas Rodek.

Benefits of School Fencing

  • Creating an attractive exterior
  • Providing safety for students
  • Providing security for the institution
  • Ensuring appropriate access for staff, parents and students

Ideal for Kindergartens & Pre-schools

We have many school fencing options which are ideal for kindergartens and pre-schools. Kindergartens and pre-schools have more specific needs Schools, as the children are younger and require greater protection. Special safety gates are often used for kindergartens as they have spring loaded latches and safety locks to keep young children in.

Child Safe Fencing

Child safe perimeters around schools are essential to protect students and to secure the school from the general public. Child safe fencing will provide an effective barrier to traffic and other dangers outside the school grounds. Customised gates are combined with child safe fencing with specialised spring-loaded locks and magnetised latches to ensure gates are self-closing and can only be opened by adults.

Security Fencing

Boundary or perimeter security barriers are often used as a deterrent to prevent trespassing, vandalism and graffiti on school grounds after hours. Chainmesh or cyclone wire solutions are a popular and cost-effective form of security perimeter which can be enhanced with barbed wire to restrict the ability to climb over perimeter fences. Atlas Rodek Fences are a preferred school fence installer, offering a range of options to suit the requirements and budgets of most schools.

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